Robbie Keogh
Game Generalist & Project Manager

Platform: Mobile, iOS (Unity3D)

Publisher: Industrial Brothers

Release Date: February 2011

Role: Project Management / Game Designer / Level Design / Initial Prototyping


2bit is a retro-style arcade game where the player has to avoid traps and aim for the highest score possible. The game is restrictive in the sense that the player only has the option to move forward (they move forward constantly) or backwards (by tapping). If the player is moving forward, they earn points, if the player moves backwards they lose points. The player can choose between both 2D and 3D gameplay modes.

2bit is probably the game I am most proud of. Even though it is really simple in it's final form.

2bit started as a game that four friends and I made for the Toronto Independent Game Jam (of which I am a large supporter). From there, two of the team members and I decided to try and release a very small section of that game as an app - seeing if we could turn a quick idea around into a profitable app.

Well, it didn't make us much. But it was fun to release, got favourable reviews and re-affirmed my love for arcade games. During its release it reached the 26th and 50th in the "Top 100" games on the app store in Canada and the United States respectively.


  • Project Management (Industrial Brothers gave us 2 weeks to finish the application).
  • Designing all 30+ levels.
  • Overall game design (scoring system, enemies, screens).
  • Initial prototype of the "derezzer".

2bit on the App Store

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