Robbie Keogh
Game Generalist & Project Manager
Monster in a Box

Platform: Web, Mobile, iOS, Android (Air/Starling/AS3)

Publisher: Industrial Brothers / Just One Pig

Release Date: March 2014

Role: Programmer / Project Manager / Game Designer


For Monster in a Box (MIAB) I was in charge of producing two small games:

Clone Capture: A simple match style game for the Teletoon website

Factory Fun: An application for iOS and Android that held three mini-games (Ready or Not, Conveyor Chaos, Boxing Bedlam) and a leader-board.

Clone Capture was a very simple "Monster Mash" style matching game made for the Teletoon website. My role in Clone Capture was mostly limited to asset management (creation of sprite sheets, tracking assets, etc.) and overseeing the creation of the game.

For Factory Fun, I designed the game mechanic for Ready or Not, developed the Conveyor Chaos infinite running game and was in charge of bug hunting / fixing. Factory Fun was a unique challenge for me as I had to deal with so many parts of the application and learn some new skills along the way: using a new leader-board system (Gamua's Flox), translating a game dependant on the OS settings, etc. I am always looking for ways to broaden my horizons as a developer and MIAB helped me do that.

Play Clone Capture

Factory Fun on the App Store