Robbie Keogh
Game Generalist & Project Manager
Storm Hawks

Platform: Squadron: Web (Flash) MMO: Web (Big World)

Publisher: Bitcasters

Release Date: Summer 2006

Role: Project Management


I was a part of two games for the animated series Storm Hawks while I was at Bitcasters. They were my introduction to the gaming industry and the community in Toronto. Storm Hawks MMO and Storm Hawks Squadron.

Storm Hawks MMO

Storm Hawks MMO was an ambitious project to make an online MMO. Aiming to be an immersive 3D world, the Storm Hawks MMO was built within the 3D world creator Big World.

Storm Hawks MMO was Bitcasters first major game production and my first foray into professional game design and project management. A real trial by fire. Unfortunately, I had to leave Bitcasters before the production was completed.


  • Original Game Designs and Concepts
  • Managing a team of 10+ interns during per-production and initial phases of production
  • Asset organization and pipeline
  • Minimal trouble shooting between Maya and BigWorld
  • Promotional and Bell Fund presentation design and creation

Storm Hawks Squadron
Storm Hawks Squadron was a shoot 'em up Flash game to segue between the launch of the official Storm Hawks website and the release of the Storm Hawks MMO.

After the initial designs were done, Squadron ended up being designed in a fast-paced organic way, my main job was writing the story and dialogue as it would appear in game. One of the biggest personal compliments I received while working on this game was when Nerd Corps. said that I had done a great job in capturing the spirit of the characters and that very few changes were necessary.


  • Early Game Designs and Concepts
  • Asset organization and pipeline
  • Lead Game Script Writer

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